500 000 to 12 000 BC. J.C.: First human traces.
Fifth millennium: Period of Hoa Binh.
Third and Fourth Millennium: Bac Son Civilization.
Second millennium BC. J.C.: Bronze Civilization. Era of the Hung Kings.
First millennium BC. J.C.: Kingdom of Van Lang.
258 BC. J.C.: Kingdom of Au Lac.
111 BC. J.C.: Annexation by the Han Chinese Empire.
From 40 to 43 AD. JC: Revolution of the Trung sisters against the Chinese.



Image of Trung sisters sitting on elephant


Year 968: Foundation of Dai Viet, the first independent Vietnamese state.
11th century: Fighting against a new invasion of China, Song Dynasty.
12th Century: Resistance against the Mongols.
1407: Occupation Ming.
1427: Rise of the Le kings.
17th century: Arrival of the first Europeans.
1698: Foudation of Saigon.
18th century: Division of the country between the Lords Trinh Nguyen in the north and south.
1771 - 1802: Insurrection in Tay Son.
1784: Treaty of Versailles with Louis XVI.
1802: Reunification of the country with King Gia Long.
1883 - 1884: The Tonkin and Annam become protectorates.
1887: Founding of the Indochinese Union with Laos and Cambodia.

Indochina map (French rule)


1930 : Fondation par Hô Chi Minh du Parti Communiste indochinois.

1941: Establishment of the Viet Minh.

1939 - 1945: Japanese occupation.

March 9, 1945: Coup de force against the French and Japanese setting up Emperor Bao Dai.

September 2, 1945: Proclamation of Independence.

May 7, 1954: Fall of Dien Bien Phu.

July 20, 1954: Geneva Accords and partition of Vietnam.

December 1960: Establishment of the National Front for the Liberation of the South. Beginning of the U.S. military intervention.

1965: Arrival of the U.S.

1969: Decease of President Ho Chi Minh.


Porttrait of Ho Chi Minh

 January 27, 1973: Paris Agreements on Indochina.
April 30, 1975: Saigon fall
July 2, 1976: official reunification of Vietnam.
June 1978: Accession of Vietnam to the COMECON Council of Mutual Economic Assistance.
January 1979: Vietnamese troops overthrew the Khmer Rouge regime in Phnom Penh.
February 17, 1979: China's military intervention in northern Vietnam (Lang Son).
1989: End of the Vietnamese withdrawal from Cambodia.
1992: New constitution of Vietnam
1994: Removal of the U.S. trade embargo
1995: Vietnam's admission to ASEAN
June 2006: Following the tenth congress of the Vietnamese Communist Party, the National Assembly elects the new president of the state (Nguyen Minh Triet) and the new Prime Minister (Nguyen Tan Dung).
January 11, 2007: Vietnam became the 150th member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
October 16, 2007: Vietnam was elected non-permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations for a term of two years.